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May Cabrera, owner of Mango Spa & Boutique, started into this industry at very early age.

“… When I was young, I knew I had to do something about my face, it used to look dry, redness and with some acne, didn’t like to use much make up, so I started looking for something that make my skin glow… I knew that out there was something waiting for me.”  

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May started as Cosmetologist in Ensenada, B.C. after that she moved to Tijuana where she got a Marketing degree and decided to create Mango Spa & Boutique. Also attended to Aspid T. one of the best Cosmiatric Schools in Baja and got the Cosmiatra degree by UNAM, the highest degree for skincare.

Since then, she’s always doing her best effort so you can really enjoy your spa treatments.

Expert Advice: Give us a call, we’ll gladly reserve an appointment for you.
I will revise all your stuff (creams, lotions, moisturizers, soaps, make up, etc.) and will give you my expert advice depending on your skin type, habits & preferences.

Which is the best product for you? You’ll discover after this short session and we will recommend to you some products or cosmetic brands if needed.

Do you have many beauty products at home? Bring them all for a serious product detox! We will clean out that old or not for your skin type products, so you keep just the essentials and the ones that make your skin glow.

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ASk May


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Luxury Spa RosaritoLuxury Spa Rosarito