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Hair Removal

When was the last time you took care of your hands and feet? Don’t let it pass! Deep, relaxing and detailed treatments, done by expert hands, are waiting for you to enjoy with a delicious hot towel wrap and a gentle massage. You'll want to repeat it as much as possible!


Luxury Spa Rosarito New! Extended Wear Manicure
60 min.   $35dlls.
With this long-lasting polish, your nails will look fabulous up to 15 days!
Luxury Spa Rosarito Essential Manicure
30 min.     $15dlls.
Soft exfoliation followed by our hydrating heated mitts. Finish with an expert nail grooming and polish.

Luxury Spa Rosarito Yummy Manicure
50 min.     $25dlls.
The essential manicure, plus our relaxing signature hand massage, paraffin hand treatment and hot towels for an indulgent experience.

Luxury Spa Rosarito Gentleman’s Manicure
30 min.  $15dlls.
Designed just for him! No polish at all! Nails and cuticles are neatly groomed, and then expertly buffed. If you want a more relaxing treatment you may try our Yummy Gentleman’s manicure.

Luxury Spa Rosarito Quick Polish Change For Hands  15 min.  $7dlls.

Luxury Spa Rosarito Extended Wear Polish removal  15 min.   $7dlls. 


Luxury Spa Rosarito Essential Pedicure  40 min. $20 dlls.
Combines an herbal foot soak, mango exfoliation and perfectly executed nail grooming and polish.

Luxury Spa Rosarito Yummy Pedicure    60 min.   $30 dlls.
Experience a milky foot soak, relax with hot towel wrap and our signature foot massage combined with mango, lavender & coconut oils.  A rich exfoliating scrub combined with perfect nail grooming will leave your feet feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Express toe polish change 15 min.  $10dlls.
Includes foot soak, nail shaping and polish.

Because we care about your comfort, we have the highest standards of quality and hygiene in all our procedures. Still, we have disposable kits available for your manicure or pedicure to be done.
* $2.00 dlls.


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Rosaritos Best Manicure
Rosaritos Best Manicure
May'S favorite Rosaritos Best Manicure  80 min. $40dlls.

ice cream pedicure rosarito

Ours Exclusively… Starting with an ice cream* foot soak to calm and cleanse, followed for a vanilla or strawberry sherbet that exfoliates, polishes & smoothens your feet and legs. A honey glaze mask* fortified with vitamins to deeply condition your feet is applied prior to our own signature foot massage. Finished with perfectly nail grooming and polish.

Choose your favorite Ice Cream Flavor:
Chocolate, Valley of the roses, Vanilla, Pomegranate and more…and our Honey Glaze mask could be changed for a caramel, marshmallow or chocolate mask. Delicious!

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Rosaritos Best Manicure

Luxury Spa RosaritoLuxury Spa Rosarito